What I’m Working on Right Now.

Currently Working On

  1. I’m working with the incredible guys at Growth.Design, who are teaching me how to create a spell-bounding story and refining my knowledge in behavioural science. I’ve been a fan of them for years as a product designer, and it’s a dream to be working with them now — I highly recommend checking out their case studies to learn about how to use psychology to create products people love.

  2. I also launched a podcast called ICONS. Every fortnight, I release an episode talking about what we can learn from the greatest painters, musicians, designers, filmmakers, writers, and more. ICONS is the artist podcast I wish I could have listened to earlier in my career — and because it still doesn’t exist, I decided to make it.

Currently Reading

What I’ve most recently read is whatever I’ve most recently made an episode about in my podcast: ICONS. There, I read a biography about a master artist every two weeks and dissect it for insights about what we can learn from them.

Currently In My Headphones

  1. My First Million Podcast. I can’t remember the last time I had a podcast that I listened to every time a new episode is released. Shaan Puri and Sam Parr (angel investors who have both exited their ventures) enthusiastically talk about business ideas they believe to have untapped potential, as well as speak on the investments they are making. Listen to it here.

  2. So Cosy Radio. There is not an episode of this show that I miss. This remains my secret weapon for getting into the flow at work.

Habits I’m developing

  1. Strength training. With a heavy emphasis on squats.

  2. Reading. But, like, a lot. Tim Urban calculating how much time Max Joseph would have to dedicate to reading in order to read, like, a lot more… inspired me. See for yourself.

  3. Tapering off coffee. My fear is that this is too controversial to talk about at length, so let me just say, it isn’t for me anymore. Jasmine/white/green tea are my friends now.


Shout out to Derek Sivers for starting the /now movement.

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