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Finding the right article for you on a site like mine can be difficult. Naturally, the collection of my thoughts, ideas, and analysis has built up over the years. This page helps you navigate my writing with ease as it shares my best articles to read on topics like strategy, the creative process, self-reliance, and more.

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Listen To Your Self - The human mind is a complex yet prolific creation. Yet, despite its power, we often fail to pick up on the clues it leaves us when choosing what to do with our lives.

Never Settle Your Curiosity - Use time wisely by seeking to be dumbfounded, that’s the main lesson to be taken from a piece I re-read myself at least twice a year.

Work With What You Have - Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Why You Must Leave Home: The Kevin Kelly Story - Why Co-founder of Wired magazine: Kevin Kelly, sees his numerous years of wandering as the catalyst for his later success in his life’s work in technology.


The Toolbox Strategy: How To Become Uniquely Valuable - After having just dropped out of university, at 19-years-old; I received a line of advice that changed how I made every decision in my career…

Elon Musk: Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Life Looking Up to Your Heroes - The sad truth about heroes, Elon Musk, and Robert Greene.

The Improv Strategy – How Jazz Artists & Writers Create Magic - Major shifts in our life are inevitable. But there is a way to not just see the waves coming, but to ride them spectacularly.

Who Am I, First? - The Legacy of Chadwick Boseman - After the finding out about the passing of Chadwick Boseman, I came across a clip of the actor speaking on his career that gave me tremendous pause for thought.

Creative Process

Notice ‘Little Thoughts’ - The Ideas That Start It All - A piece I wrote whilst on my travels around Japan on how it is not in our nature to embrace little ideas, let alone notice them to the extent required in order to create art.

Why I’ve been blogging for over 9 years - Why, despite having such easy ways of sharing ideas, I’m still drawn to my website’s more clunky content management system.

The One Thing Your Project is Desperately Missing - A strategy that has proven to be timeless: and your project really needs it.

Build Momentum (The Calendar Strategy) - What Jerry Seinfeld and your mother have in common, and why you need to be like them.

The Difference: Me Time vs. Future Me Time - A piece that moved many and inspired them to write to me. And for good reason.


10 Hard-Hitting Truths You Have to Tackle Now - I’ve discovered that, before you go out and do anything, you must first build your foundations from truth. To learn to face it no matter how hard.

Feeling Out-of-sync - The Pursuit For Harmony - What I did when the moments of harmony disappeared.  

The 23 Lessons I Learned on the Way to 23 - Be prepared to reinvent yourself sooner than you may be comfortable with.

22 Life Lessons from a 22-Year-Old with Their Sh*t Together - Bold title, right? And yet, I actually struggled a lot with the term ‘to have your sh*t together’. Read how things changed as I looked back during a 3-hour flight to Athens.

Life Lessons from the 8 Most Deadly Samurai Warriors - A short collection of wisdom left behind from the deadliest warriors who left their mark (and their enemies’ heads) in feudal Japan.


The Best Thing You Can Do: Give Books Your Life - Books can change your life. But more than that, you should give them your life.

Paper Books Are Dying - Every book lover ultimately assigns themselves to a lonely space mission. But that mission made soon be coming to an end.

The Books That Changed My Life - A running list of every book that ever took me on a journey from cover to cover, shaped who I am, and helped me better understand the human experience in a profound manner.

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