Hi there and welcome! I’m Justin Campbell-Platt and I’m a product and experience designer, strategist and writer. Whilst I’m currently working as VP of Product at [company currently in stealth]; I’ve always been fascinated by what makes a product great, and what goes into scaling that product’s impact. Many of my previous experiences have acted as catalysts for my growing curiosity as I’ve:

  • Worked as a UX designer alongside product managers and other talented user experience designers in an app startup in Silicon Roundabout (in Shoreditch, London)
  • Helped a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 software company build retail solutions
  • Built a media company in my early teens that allowed me to better understand what went into making high-quality films of Hollywood and apps of Silicon Valley that were drastically influencing their cultures.

Professor and researcher, Don Norman, has a quote in his book Emotional Design which perfectly encapsulates my relentless curiosity. “Designers will never lack for things to do, for new approaches to explore,” and as you navigate my website, you’ll discover that this has very much been the case for me. My collection of articles is a sum of me attempting to self-educate myself on the human condition, product design, the creative process, art, startups, strategy, marketing, and much more. I consider all of these varying topics extremely important to becoming a designer, or master of a profession for that matter, who can create products that provide great value and impact to the human experience.

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(For my friends in media – please find my press kit here).

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