I’m Justin Campbell-Platt and I’m a designer, strategist, and writer. My career launched at the age of 14, where the conception of my first website company landed me a job at a major tech start-up (listed Deloitte Technology Fast EMEA) at the age of 16. From there I went on to work as the Head of Media for a global non-profit organisation in countries such as Canada, Brazil and Ireland. Now you can find me working as a user experience product designer for a hugely popular silicon roundabout company in Shoreditch, London; whilst also offering services as a freelance user experience strategist and advise in growth marketing strategy for various creatives.

Although my work does tend to keep me incredibly busy, I always find time for intense research periods in which I analyse the strategies of authors, jazz musicians, ancient warriors, chess grandmasters and artists. Having implemented a lot of these strategies into my own pursuits and writing about many of my results and observations: I’ve managed to be featured in ThoughtCatalog, Cosmopolitan, Thrive Global, and even the largest publication on Medium: The Mission – all by the age of 20.

Whilst I have seen some early successes, I do consider this only the beginning of a journey

The journey ahead will require the strategies of the most powerful people alive today and the decision-making processes that the leaders of history used for building their empires. This is a journey that I want to share, and I’ve chosen to do so by breaking those strategies down in my YouTube show: ‘Lessons on Strategy’. I also write about these very strategies in great detail and often considerable length on my blog.

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I’m In!

You’re welcome to follow my journey even closer via my Facebook and Instagram. For those wanting to converse with me directly with a quick question, you can reach me on Twitter (where I definitely read and usually reply to your thoughts).

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Connect with Justin.

The best way to tell me your thoughts is to post a comment on the blog, or on any video from the Lessons on Strategy Show on YouTube or contact me on Twitter @justincampbellp. I can’t respond to all questions, but I love to read about your thoughts and implementations of strategies you’ve learnt about.

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