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Hi, I’m Justin. A product designer and strategist: who writes essays.

Whether you’ve ended up here from an article you’ve been shared or stumbled across, or from my ramblings on YouTube, or perhaps from my work elsewhere across the internet – thank you for coming here and welcome: to my blog.

On this blog, I share my writings on the hard truths of the world and provide the necessary strategies you’ll need to navigate through it masterfully.

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From the influence of samurai and ronin such as Miyamoto Musashi, who spent an entire lifetime duelling the greatest warriors in order to perfect the craft of swordsmanship and to see unseen connections between art and life…

To writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, who found solace in the life-long adventure of truth discovery, (claiming that ‘the writer is an explorer… every step is an advance into a new land’)…

I too see that life must be lived to its most masterful degree and in its most intense fashion – in order to uncover stories and the parallels throughout art, writing, music, business, war and other ambitious crafts that we celebrate and live for.

My philosophy ultimately lies in self-reliance.

And I believe it takes great strategy to master and excel from the level of self-reliance we all need, in order to truly be useful in this world.

You may be one person.

But with self-reliance: you have the ability to fight for the art and the ideas you have, that the world desperately needs.

You have… your army of one.



The strategies I study and write here, if used with a fluid spirit, will push you far.

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Not sure where to begin? I’ve categorised the fundamental strategies and meditations I have written to help provide you with what is necessary in order to build self-reliance and progress with speed, precision and a masterful proficiency:



Work With What You Have – Look to your tools creatively, because they’re all you’ll need to get to where you want.

10 Hard-Hitting Truths You Have to Tackle Now – Best article to start with. You must build your foundations from truth. Face them no matter how hard.

Feeling Out-of-sync – What I did when the moments of harmony disappeared.

The Difference: ‘Me Time’ vs ‘Future Me Time’ – A piece that moved many and inspired them to write to me. And for good reason.

The Improv Strategy – How Jazz Artists & Writers Create Magic – Reality shifts are inevitable. Here’s how actors, writers and Jazz musicians accept this and thrive from it.



Notice ‘Little Thoughts’ – Why ephemeral thoughts can really be catalysts for grandeur.

The Best Thing You Can Do: Give Books Your Life – Books can change your life. But more than that, you should give them your life.

Never Settle Your Curiosity – Security should not be found in structure – but in constant adaption. To stand still when everything around you is moving, hardly sounds like security.

What I Stopped to Become a Better Artist – You’re currently asking yourself 3 deadly questions, and you need to stop.

Unbeatable Life Strategy from the Game of Chess – The game of chess is one of strategy, persistence and masterful positioning. But so is the game of life.



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