Start Building Your Strategy!

Welcome. Let me start simply by defining a few truths about you and how you are going to progress in your life:

You are ambitious. You know you are capable of reaching the peak of the mountain, placing your flag, and paving a way for those are yet to reach their own peak. But working hard and hoping for the best can, unfortunately, often be wasted energy. Hard work is simply not enough. In all of history and in our modern world, we know that in order to completely master a field or create something of value and impact, you need an unbeatable strategy. Strategy is ultimately what can take you from just being ahead of a few competitors, to getting to the top and utterly dominating – changing your life and the lives of others around you…

But the world is incredibly competitive and harsh; continuously pressing on and marching ahead with little care as to your human accomplishment on the day-to-day basis. Getting ahead or standing out seems unachievable. As to truly get ahead, you are demanded to create huge pieces of art, businesses, discoveries or inventions. And to truly stand out, you are demanded to make a huge impact or statement worth hearing, being the voice for others and reaching to the hearts of millions. This is an overwhelming challenge or task for anyone with ambition. You feel as though you are painfully stretching your neck to look toward the peak from the bottom of an unforgiving mountain.

Unfortunately, in a world filled with endless streams of business and self-help books, guides and gurus trying to push varying and contradictory advice, it’s often hard to filter out the useful and practical information which can ultimately help you progress in your journey of mastery and impact.

No longer will you have to tirelessly filter – here, every piece of work you will see (whether in video or article form), will deliver immensely practical and valuable insights into strategies used in historical practices of art, jazz and craftsmanship. War, battle, international fighting methods, and even board games can also be sources of great strategies. On this site, you’re seeing a subtle yet extensive peak behind-the-scenes of every master strategists’ bookshelf, thought-processes and tactics.

I’m Justin Campbell-Platt: a designer, strategist, and writer and I want to personally welcome you to my site. (Get a closer look at my story here). From this site, you’re going to discover the strategies that propelled me to be able to:

  • Sit with and learn from some of the world’s top thought leaders
  • Land a job at a major tech start-up (listed Deloitte Technology Fast EMEA) at the age of 16
  • Be multi-published writer, featured in places such as ThoughtCatalog, Cosmopolitan, Thrive Global and number one Medium publication: The Mission
  • Work as a freelance user experience strategist and advise in growth marketing strategy for various creatives
  • Work as the Head of Media for a global non-profit organisation in countries such as Canada, Brazil and Ireland

All by the age of 20…

I mean not to brag, but rather, demonstrate how total self-reliance and high-level execution does not come with age: but instead relies on the kind of powerful strategies that I have documented here, that anyone can start using today!

Now, let’s get started. Below, you will find what you can think of as ‘the immutable lessons on strategy’.

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Articles to start with:

Not sure where to begin? These are the five best articles which highlight the fundamentals of the strategies you will need to progress with speed, precision and a masterful proficiency:

  1. 10 Hard-Hitting Truths You Have to Tackle Now
  2. Unbeatable Life Strategy from the Game of Chess
  3. The Improv Strategy – How Actors, Writers and Jazz Musicians Get More Out Of Inevitable Reality Shifts
  4. How I Became a Better Artist
  5. Build Momentum (The Calendar Strategy)

The exact strategy to progress from your current position:

Looking for a curated list of my best articles split up into topics to help you find the exact strategy to help you progress right now? Check out my best articles page where you can find my most practical and effective strategies on the topics of life, creative process and mastery.

Connect with Justin.

The best way to tell me your thoughts is to post a comment on the blog, or on any video from the Lessons on Strategy Show on YouTube or contact me on Twitter @justincampbellp. I can’t respond to all questions, but I love to read about your thoughts and implementations of strategies you’ve learnt about.

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