Press Kit

Welcome media friends! This is my Press Kit – from which you can take official bios, photography, and even snippets from interviews.

Official Bio:

Here’s a more official-sounding version, suitable for copying and pasting:

Justin Campbell-Platt is a designer, writer and strategist. From building a website company at 14 to working as Head of Media for a global organisation around the world before the age of 20, Justin’s ventures in media have captured attention. Justin’s work has been acknowledged and published by The Mission, ThoughtCatalog, Cosmopolitan and Ariana Huffington’s own: Thrive Global. The strategies he uses to help companies and creatives grow are all documented on his blog and YouTube show. Justin currently lives in London, UK working as a UX product designer for a hugely popular silicon roundabout company in Shoreditch; whilst also offering his strategic advice and services. Visit him at

(If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at my history, take a look here).


You can find a Flickr album full of (highly approved by my readers’) pre-selected photography here.

Although I’d much prefer if you were to use photography from my Flickr album, you are also more than welcome to mention or feature any photography from my personal Instagram (just make sure to credit).

Podcast/Audio Interviews:

In late-2017 I appeared as a guest host on Ako the 48th’s incredible ‘So Cosy Radio‘, where we talked about Samurai strategies, university dissertation motivation and escrima martial arts:

Earlier on that year, I also featured on Ako the 48th’sGet to Know Show‘ where I helped cherry pick the song-list and introduced my love for focus:

Connect with Justin.

The best way to tell me your thoughts is to post a comment on the blog, or on any video from the Lessons on Strategy Show on YouTube or contact me on Twitter @justincampbellp. I can’t respond to all questions, but I love to read about your thoughts and implementations of strategies you’ve learnt about.

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