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Figuring out where to start is one thing, finding the right article for you at this moment in time on a site like mine can be even harder. For that reason, I’ve built this curated list with categories use can use to browse my best articles and find the exact strategy to help you progress.

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10 Hard-Hitting Truths You Have to Tackle Now – Best article to start with. You must build your foundations from truth. Face them no matter how hard.

Life Lessons from the 8 Most Deadly Samurai Warriors – Learn how ‘life is understood best by those who live it most intensely’.

Notice ‘Little Thoughts’ – The Ideas That Start It All – Why ephemeral thoughts can really be catalysts for grandeur.

22 Life Lessons from a 22-Year-Old with Their Sh*t Together – Bold title, right? And yet, I actually struggled a lot with the term ‘to have your sh*t together’. Read how things changed as I looked back during a 3-hour flight to Athens.

The Subtle Art of Eating Alone – A unique experience that provided great life lessons and Italian bread.



Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Life Looking Up to Your Heroes – The sad truth about heroes, Elon Musk, and Robert Greene.

The One Thing Your Project is Desperately Missing – A strategy that has proven to be timeless: and your project really needs it.

5 Skills That Give You an Advantage Over the Competition – Getting ahead doesn’t only require strategy, it requires skills.

How I Re-Launched My Brand – Stand out. Define yourself. And find your audience.

The Life-Changing Magic of Side-Projects – A love-letter to side-projects and how they are relentless in giving back.



The Improv Strategy – How Jazz Artists & Writers Create Magic – Reality shifts are inevitable. Here’s how actors, writers and Jazz musicians accept this and thrive from it.

Work With What You Have – Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

The Difference: Me Time vs. Future Me Time – A piece that moved many and inspired them to write to me. And for good reason.

The Workspace Hack That Keeps Me Constantly Motivated – What I always keep by me, to push me through the hardest of obstacles.

Feeling Out-of-sync – What I did when the moments of harmony disappeared.



10 Masterful Methods of Picking Up New Skills – Like the masters, you too can develop a deep proficiency of your dream skill. Here’s how.

17 Life Strategies I Learned from Neil Strauss – What an undercover pickup artist taught me about the possibilities of life.

What I Stopped to Become a Better Artist – You’re currently asking yourself 3 deadly questions, and you need to stop.

Build Momentum – The Calendar Strategy – What Jerry Seinfeld and your mother have in common, and why you need to be like them.

Unbeatable Life Strategy from the Game of Chess – The game of chess is one of strategy, persistence and masterful positioning. But so is the game of life.



The Best Thing You Can Do: Give Books Your Life – Books can change your life. But more than that, you should give them your life.

Paper Books Are Dying – Every book lover ultimately assigns themselves to a lonely space mission. But that mission made soon be coming to an end.

Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday (Summary Video) – A summary of Ryan Holiday’s study on building products and art that lasts for longer than just a lifetime.

Top 10 Books for Students (Video) – Learning to learn is the key for every student, and these 10 books will help you do that better.



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